There is a lot of pressure put on gents to last longer in bed. Many men orgasm quicker than their partners, which can lead to dissatisfaction within their relationships. But there are methods that can help you last longer in bed and provide your partner with maximum satisfaction. Trying the following methods can help:

Try foreplay
Foreplay is a great way to make sure that your partner gets maximum satisfaction. This will allow you to hold off from stimulation yourself while making sure your partner reaches orgasm, possibly over and over again if you are good at it.

• Use a condom
Sex with a condom is different and does not feel as good as sex without a condom. Therefore, using a condom can help you last longer. You will have more extended sex sessions because of the weak sensations on your penis when a condom is on. Using condoms is also necessary when you are having sex with an escort or a new person to avoid potential STI’s.

• Use different sex positions
Switching up the sex position is one of the ways of having more extended sex sessions. Avoid the position that gets you off the fastest.

• Mental distraction
This is an old trick but it is definitely an effective way of lasting longer in bed. During intercourse you should focus your attention on something entirely different such as the latest football game. It will make you enjoy the sex less but delay the orgasm at the same time, which will allow your partner to enjoy you longer.

• Masturbation
Masturbation is healthy and natural. As a man, masturbating regularly will help build up your stamina and last longer in bed. It is also advisable to practice behavioral techniques when masturbating. It will ensure that you are more comfortable using them during sex. Some of the most effective behavioral techniques are the squeeze techniques where you squeeze the tip of the penis when you are almost ejaculating and the stop-start method where you reduce stimulation near the climax. When masturbating, ensure that you are not thinking about your partner.

Sex is both healthy and enjoyable if done the right way. Every person wants to satisfy their partner. Lasting longer in bed is critical your sex life, and making sure your partner enjoys having sex with you. It is one of the many things that build a good relationship, and it plays a vital role for it to survive.

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