Can better cholesterol balance help to improve your libido? Cholesterol lowering medications like statins are known to cause a series of nasty side effects, and they are indeed very controversial. Should we be taking them at all, and if we don’t want to take them, what can we take instead. I must admit that I do date some gents at Camden Town escorts who are worried about the side effects on statins. It is well known that this commonly prescribed drug can cause loss of libido, and even muscle loss. You are far better of using natural methods to balance your cholesterol.


We did really manage to make an enemy out of eggs. Today, a lot of people still think that eggs are behind high cholesterol, and if I were to ask my Camden Town escorts of dates, most of them would tell me that they are staying away from eggs. In reality, eggs are packed vitamin B and can help to lower cholesterol. Eating two of them per day, should help you to better balance your cholesterol.


When I go out on dinner dates with my gents from Camden Town escorts, I always discourage them from ordering big fatty steaks. Having a steak every so often is not going to do you any harm, but eating them ever time you go out for dinner, is not going to do you any good. Instead of eating steak every when  you are out, try enjoy something like poached fish. Both poached salmon and trout taste really nice and you should try it.


Exercise helps as well. Did you know that if you walked for 20 minutes three times per day you can lower your cholesterol? I know that my Camden Town gents are always off somewhere to their companies or business meetings, but they should try to fit in some exercise. A good idea is to walk to the next Tube or bus stop to get some extra exercise. It is not going to cost you anything and you are bound to feel the benefits after a couple of weeks.


Do we make top big of a deal of taking conventional medicine? I think that we do, and I am pretty sure that there are plenty of alternatives out there which can help you if you have been diagnosed with high blood cholesterol. It could be a good idea to visit a naturopath or homeopath. One of the girls here at Camden Town escorts suffered from sinus problems a lot and she went to see a homeopath. The problem was fixed, and now she has not had sinus problems for a long time. The natural answers are out there, you just need to look for them. I have started to use a lot more natural treatment and I have found that it has done wonders for me and my entire body. I feel good and my libido is just amazing at the moment.


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