First impressions

I'll bet you'll scan this page, including the image below, and move on to another in less than 5 seconds.

Dashwood Studio

Still with me?

I was thinking today about how fast we digest content. When I'm editing 150-200 images from a typical product shoot, I'm scanning through at quite a rate, but there are some images (such as the one above) that make me stop.

I'm sure it's a combination of things, but for me, principally it's about light and composition.

Nom Living

Photography deserves dedicated time - first impressions count more now than ever before.

The great images may sometimes be created by chance, but it's always within the wider context of diligent work.

Get in touch to see how I could create some for you.


Yesh&Tash have been busy creating a new look for the site! The initial design had a good two year run - time for a spring clean.

I'm especially pleased with how the images galleries are laid out. The collage effect on the galleries was not immersive enough before, but now bleeds full screen and is a great showcase for the shots. The site looks damn good from 27" screen to mobile - but please let me know if anything is not looking top notch on your device :-)


We tried out several logo ideas, but when I saw this - no contest! Sharp, with a hint of texture.

We tried out several logo ideas, but when I saw this - no contest! Sharp, with a hint of texture.

Tash pulled out the paints and layered up one of her lovely custom textures for my social icons - no vectors here!

Tash pulled out the paints and layered up one of her lovely custom textures for my social icons - no vectors here!

If you're thinking, 'I would love a site like that'... take a look at what Yesh&Tash can create with pens and pixels.

Product Photo Sessions with Folksy!

I've teamed up with the Folksy team to offer six makers a product shoot at a discounted rate.

We'll be choosing a diverse range of product types and using the shoots to share some great tips on how to make your products look awesome!

The London shoots will take place on 13/14 March and my home studio. Then it's up to Sheffield on 27 March for the final shoots at Folksy HQ!

Read more and find out how to apply.

folksy new logo.png
Cockpit Arts Popup Shoot Yeshen.jpg

The difference a studio can make

My work has taken me all over London, shooting in homes, workshops, on the street and even a manor house - every shoot is different. From ceramics to textiles and jewellery it's crucial I'm able to adapt and improvise around the products in a variety of spaces.

Here's some examples...

Making it work in a small space with Waffle.

On location at Cockpit Arts, Depford - DIY backdrop!

Shooting some cheese boards at the home studio - note stairs, far to close to tripod!

Many of the shoots take place in my home studio. It's small, but those who have worked with me know I can get a tremendous amount out of the space. Using simple props and backgrounds to place the products in an appropriate setting, from a work desk, to a bathroom or dining table - not to mention our famous white brick wall!

However, sometimes there is no substitute for a larger space. It's not all about the products, but also the peace of mind for the client. Being able to lay out your range and create multiple setups is important for any designer, this gives you perspective - and it's more relaxing than cramming it all into a tiny room! 

Shooting cutout images for Woven Oak at Studio Four N16.

Take Studio Four for example, where I've worked on several shoots now. It's not just a beautiful space, with lovely window light, but also has a relaxing atmosphere. My shoots there with Studio Flock (textiles), Feral Sphere (Fashion and accessories) and most recently Woven Oak and Iozzolino Design (cushions/lampshades) have all demonstrated the power of the studio!

Lighting some lighting for Iozzolino Design.

If you're shooting cushions for example (I shoot a lot of cushions!) you can create an intimate setup on a tabletop or chair without too much trouble, but what if you want to use a couch, a bench or show a wider range of designs? A larger work space gives you options to layout your scene and allows the photographer more options to stand back and shoot from different angles.

A lovely example of wide window light, streaming in across the scene.

A lovely example of wide window light, streaming in across the scene.

Of course, perhaps most importantly, there's the issue of light. The larger the space, the softer the light and the more options you have to use studio lighting to create a mood. Natural light is wonderful, but especially in winter it's in short supply!

Scroll down for some more examples of the difference a studio can make..

In 2014 I'll be creating some great studio packages for designer/makers, in some cases offering subsidised spaces to keep the shoots affordable. Drop me a line to find out more. 

Fanny Shorter - bursary shoot

First week back behind the camera after an awesome festive holiday and it was straight to HOME at Earls Court to catch up with Katie from Confessions of a Design Geek and many others.

For the second year running I have supported the HOME/coadg bursary by offering the winner a free photoshoot. Last year it was Jessica Hogarth and I've since worked with her again on several occasions - going from strength to strength!

This year Fanny Shorter emerged the winner, beating off very strong competition from the other shortlisted designers Taz Pollard, Keith Varney, Nancy Straughan and Annabel Perrin.

Here's a sample of our shoot...

Big respect to the partners and mentors who made the bursary possible: Home London, the Southbank Centre Shop, wallunica, R&A Collaborations, Seen PR, Mini Moderns, HAM, Decorum, October Communications, The Design Trust, Press Loft and Jessica Hogarth. Read more features about the bursary at:

A year through a lens...

Almost there... what a year! It's been an absolute privilege to work with so many talented Designers, Makers, Crafters and small businesses in 2013. You know who you are - there's more to come in 2014!

It's Christmas Market time! Never before have I seen so many craft and design markets around London - a wonderful alternative to the high street. This afternoon I'm heading down to The Bussey Building in Peckham for the final Crafty Fox Market of the year.

Working with Sinead and the guys has been a blast, including their summer pop up shop in Camden and the two PopUp Shoots (one in Camden the other at The Dogstar).

Their new website was also a project of Yesh&Tash - featuring wonderful illustrative touches by Natasha Tonkin we had a great time putting that together. Yesh&Tash also created sites for Sue Pryke and Eloise Hall - need a website? Get in touch.

We Blog-Design launched and was an immediate success (trending on Twitter), but sadly looks like it's one project too many for the team, unless someone can step up and run it?

I worked with Confessions of a Design Geek, Tent London and stylist Zoe Brewer to create the promo shots for BRINK, the first ever graduate show as part of the London Design Festival.

There was a wonderful workshop at the White Building with The Design Trust and New Creative Markets - you can see the notes here:

The PopUp Shoots concept also took me down to Cockpit Arts, I was blown away by the talented makers there, I hope to work with them again 2014.

Sneak peak at my recent shoot with Fanny Shorter - more images coming soon.

Then next Saturday I'll be documenting the Designers/Makers Market at Southbank. I was down there a while back for a portrait of Ffion Harman, the creator of the South Bank Shop Advent Window/ It's awesome, check it out.

Then it's a long-awaited holiday before it all begins again in January with the HOME show, supporting bursary winner Fanny Shorter, followed by a  move to a bigger and better studio.

Have an excellent festive season everyone!